Upgrading Vinyl Floors

We have linked up with numerous businesses who have found themselves at a crossroads with persistent snagging affecting flooring within their premises. New fitouts are often specified to have vinyl floor coverings throughout. And whilst these may present a durable solution for areas such as corridors – where there is a low pedestrian load – the same solution can prove troublesome when exposed to areas of high pedestrian traffic, point loads from trolleys, and frequent cleaning requirements.

Example of a typical client brief:

“We need a floor that will….”

meet and surpass Environmental Health Officer audit requirements
support our vision to achieve a Food Hygiene Rating of 5
be seamless and non-porous
have no weak joints and will not rip or tear
be hygienic and easy to clean
prevent the ingress of dirt, fat and water
be slip resistant
look aesthetically pleasing
be durable and require minimal maintenance
be installed quickly without disrupting the business

Case Study

Our client – responsible for the upkeep of the premises at a prestigious university site – was keen to resolve a recurring problem affecting their kitchen flooring.

Patch repairs were being regularly applied to damaged sections of their vinyl flooring. These were proving successful in resolving immediate problems, but this approach was introducing more and more welded seams.

As often occurs with vinyl flooring – known to be weakest at its joints – these were soon splitting and lifting – exposing the sub-floors once again to the ingress of water, dirt and bacteria. In effect the client was solving one issue, but seeding another one in the process.

Faced with a patchwork of flooring with joints that were regularly failing, the growing risk of hygiene being compromised, and the potential for injury to staff through slips or falls – our client recognised the need for a more durable solution that would deliver a long-lasting, low maintenance, hygienic floor surface.

Over seven days between Christmas and New Year, our quality assured, on-site teams removed all of the dilapidated vinyl flooring, including all remaining adhesives and latex screeds – to expose the subfloors beneath and obtain a chemical bond with our advanced resin systems.

Concluding our installation and delivering back to the client an aesthetically pleasing, safe and clean environment – ready to continue unhindered with their daily services and celebratory banquets serving hundreds of students and their academic staff.

Other Examples:

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