Upgrading Tiled Floors

We have worked together with many long-established businesses who have sought to update their premises in line with current ‘best practice’ standards. Many of these clients have ceramic floors that have served a purpose very well for many years. We are often contacted when our clients arrive at a familiar tipping point – where they identify that the replacement of tiles and grout is rapidly becoming a continuous maintenance activity – frequently absorbing a disproportionate amount of attention and down-time in regularly patching up areas of concern.

Example of a typical client brief:

“We need a floor that will…”

meet SALSA and BRC standards
look aesthetically pleasing
be seamless and non-porous with no grout lines
prevent the ingress of dirt, fat and water
be hygienic and easy to clean
be slip resistant
be durable and require minimal maintenance
be installed quickly without disrupting the business

Case Study

Our client – the owners of an 18th century rural country-house retreat converted into a luxury hotel and spa – was keen to upgrade their kitchens and adjoining service areas.

Maintenance was being carried out regularly on their ceramic flooring that had previously given 15+ years’ service – but was now becoming deglazed, cracked and with loose grout and tiles frequently reported by their kitchen staff.

Faced with regular downtime and the growing risk of hygiene being compromised, plus the potential for injury to staff through slips or falls – our client recognised the need for a more durable solution that would deliver a long-lasting, low maintenance, hygienic floor surface.

Planning our works over five consecutive 12-hour night shifts – around the day-time removal, installation and upgrade of existing appliances – our quality assured, on-site teams applied our advanced, high strength, rapid curing resin systems.

Project delivery was made on-specification and on-time – ensuring that no other buffering trades were inhibited – and down-time for the client was minimised. The closure and sign-off of our works, brought about an overdue break from a continuous cycle of maintenance – back up by the reassurance of our 10-year warranty.

The end result – an aesthetically pleasing, safe and clean environment – allowing the business owners to invite their selected VIP clients to step onto the floors, into the kitchen, and share an evening with their Michelin accredited staff at their exclusive ‘chef’s table’.

‘The Dining Room’ Exclusive Experience – Featuring Two Michelin Star rated ‘Chef’s Menu’

Other Examples:

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