Upgrading Painted Floors

We have collaborated with many dynamic businesses who have relied on our solutions to support a change in processing, or a move to new premises. Of these clients, many have inherited floors with proprietary floor paint, or two-part epoxy coatings. Whilst these systems have a fine reputation in the domestic market, they are very often found wanting when exposed to commercial activities and the rigour, wear and tear, and round-the-clock cleaning that is a prerequisite for our clients.

Example of a typical client brief:

“We need a floor that will…”

meet SALSA and BRC standards
look aesthetically pleasing
be hygienic and easy to clean
be slip resistant
be resistant to peeling and delaminating
be non-porous and prevent the ingress of dirt, fat and water
be durable and require minimal maintenance
be installed quickly without disrupting the business

Case Study

Our client – a food ingredients producer and wholesaler had recently acquired a new production facility in Devon and was seeking to expand their market. A critical stumbling block was the area where they planned to site their cheese grading production unit.

This floor had been re-painted several times each year by the previous occupant. As our client found, whilst the generic floor paint had been thickly applied, it soon began to scuff, delaminate and peel – exposing the sub-floors beneath to water and dirt, and creating areas that were uneven and slippery.

Faced with the risks of potential food contamination or injury to staff through slips or falls – and recognising their needed for a more durable solution – our client contracted with us to deliver our long-lasting, hygienic, resin flooring solutions.

Planning our works around their growing order book – three long shifts were scheduled over a single weekend allowing trading to continue as normal with no loss of time. Our quality assured, on-site team took care of the whole project – removing all delipidated paint coatings and replacing these with our durable, food-grade, slip resistant, advanced resin systems.

The installation was delivered on-specification and on-time to meet with prearranged inspection and audit visits for SALSA and BRC accreditation.

Offering a lifetime guarantee against delamination and coupled with a 10-year warranty, our solution presented the client with hassle free flooring – thus allowing them to break the previous cycle of maintenance – and focus on developing business growth with their newly acquired clients.

Other Examples:

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