Upgrading Concrete & Timber Sub-Floors

We have partnered with many expanding businesses who have needed to extend their premises or change the use of their existing spaces. In most cases clients require flooring onto concrete or timber floors that have had no previous floor coatings.

Example of a typical client brief:

“We need a floor that will…”

meet SALSA and BRC standards
look aesthetically pleasing
be hygienic and easy to clean
be slip resistant
be non-porous and prevent the ingress of dirt, fat and water
be durable and require minimal maintenance
be installed quickly without disrupting the business

Case Study

Our client – a well-established butcher and wholesaler serving clients in Berkshire, contracted with us to deliver hygienic flooring solutions to the extension of their main premises.

Having previously explored alternative polyurethane resins, the client was unable to be convinced that other generic solutions would offer sufficient compressive strength, nor that they would fully cure in time without a long shutdown.

Faced with uncertainty over timings, a risk to business continuity, and the flooring quality and performance being compromised – our advanced, high strength, rapid curing solutions allowed the client to fulfil their project brief in full – and in doing so ticked all of their boxes for quality, durability, and minimal business down-time.

Together with a lifetime guarantee against delamination and a 10-year warranty, our solution offered the client the best commercial value for their business.

This turnkey project was delivered on-specification and on-time via our quality assured, on-site project management team. Covering six critical areas of flooring – including 3 fridges, a cutting room, stores and staff welfare facilities. All were completed with an evening to spare, allowing trading to continue as normal with no loss of time.

Other Examples:

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