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MSDS records and COSHH assessments available on request, please contact us for details.

Advanced Resin Floor Specifications – Performance & Aesthetics

We pride ourselves on our transparent approach to our projects and do our utmost to arrive at a final flooring specification that is right for our client, their premises, and the activities that take place there.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, below are a few of the key technical details that we consider carefully to determine the optimum performance and aesthetics for each project.

  • Slip Resistance
  • Expansion Joints
  • Day Joins & Flexible Joins
  • Fibre Glass Arming
  • Abutment to Other Flooring Surfaces

Slip Resistance

When considering slip resistance, we always evaluate the operations that are due to take place on the floors, the type of footwear likely to be worn. We also ask clients to confirm whether wet liquids or other viscous materials will be present on the floors during operational use and the cleaning regimes that will be in place.

This allows us to determine an appropriate grip for each different area of flooring – ensuring that this is graded to our client’s specific requirements.

In addition to this, we have worked closely to develop a network of accredited partners and are able to refer clients to the services of independent slip-testing assessors, and to providers of cleaning equipment and materials.

We believe the upkeep of the flooring is vital – and provide our cleaning and maintenance guide at the closure of every warrantied project – all floors in excess of 10m².

Examples of Slip Resistance

Expansion Joints

We acknowledge that our advanced resin flooring systems – as with all other floor coatings – are at risk from structural movement that can occur from time-to-time within buildings.

As such, we aim to identify sub-floor features that may suggest movement will occur. We undertake this both as part of our pre-works survey – and also during all of our on-site preparation works.

Our quality assured installation teams will always add expansion joints where these are necessary. Applying a specialist flexible resin – designed to have higher flexural properties – that hardens and provides a permanent impermeable bond that will accommodate small movement without compromising the chemical bond to the sub-floor.

Examples of Expansion Joints

Day Joins & Flexible Joins

When installing larger areas over a number of shifts we always seek to terminate our flooring at an aesthetically pleasing point – typically under a door threshold – offering clients the option of a discreet ‘day join’ or a designed in ‘flexible join’ – as illustrated below.

Examples of Joins

Fibre Glass Arming

We always include an additional process when installing our advanced resin systems over tiled or timber sub-floors. Combining a fibre glass membrane with a flexible resin blend – provides protection against movement within timber substrates. In the case of ceramic floors, as well as providing protection from tile movement, this scrape-coat also infills grout cavities to safeguard against undulation and ensure a smooth finish.

Examples of Fibre Glass Arming Installation

Abutment to Other Flooring Surfaces

We can terminate our work to finish up against almost any other flooring system – and where necessary we apply aluminium or stainless-steel stop-beads to form a neat join between the two.


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