Leisure – Wet Rooms

We understand the importance of creating the perfect environment – one that not only looks good, but can be kept clean and free of contaminants, and is slip resistant.

Available in a choice of colours and textures, our impermeable, resin flooring is perfectly suited to wet rooms.

Designed without seams – our solutions eliminate this weak point completely – ensuring that the flooring remains water-resistant throughout its service.

Independently tested and approved for bare foot traffic – in accordance with BS 7976 and the UK Slip Resistance Group – it also meets and exceeds the Health & Safety Executive’s highest R13 threshold.

Delivering aesthetically pleasing, safe, and easy to clean flooring that can be matched to any surrounding colour scheme.

Selected clients in this sector:

The Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell

Watermouth Cove Holiday Park, Ilfracombe

The Grange Leisure Centre, Swindon

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