COVID-19 Procedures

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Supporting Our Clients During this Challenging Time

We want all our clients to know – first and foremost – that we are here to provide support during these worrying times, and that across all our trading activities we will continue to protect our clients, our colleagues and the general public as we go about our daily business.

We recognise that carefully controlled working practices, coupled with social distancing – and a focus on hygiene and keeping surfaces clean from contaminants – are critical in ensuring that we can all emerge from this pandemic healthier and stronger.

With this in mind – and guided by our registered Health and Safety consultants – we have prepared specific Covid-19 appendices to all of our Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Operating Procedures.

We hope that our responsible approach provides reassurance to all of our clients – so that we can continue to provide essential support and guidance – whilst delivering our products and solutions.

If you wish to receive further details, please contact us.

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